• evening - course in english

    In small group we are covering the following topic:

    Job search strategies & Swiss CV: next course to be announced soon

    This 2-hours-workshop is for jobseekers in Switzerland that would like to discover the diverse possibilities to find a job in Switzerland. In these workshops we usually find up to 15 channels (also the not-so-common-ones) and define our strategy with clear next steps. As a bonus you get some critical feedback to your CV.


    *What channels do exist for successful jobsearch?

    *What are the strategies that lead to finding a great job?

    *How does your CV really attract attention?

    *How much content / which content and which CV design is appreciated?

    *The 5 next steps in your jobsearch

    *Coverletters and reference letters: what's important to know?


    Nicole is going to lead this workshop - She has 12 years expertise in Swiss HR, has worked for Google Zurich and founded her own successful HR-Agency in 2011.

    Date to be announced - 18.30-20.30 - 5 spots available - CHF 125.-

     in 8005 Zurich


  • I am looking forward to talk to you!

  • 1:1 individual coaching sessions


    You need individual, very specific (Swiss) CV advice? And prefer the 1:1 coaching setting?

    Let's create your new CV together - the Swiss version

    With 12 years experience as a recruiter I can definitely tell, what HR experts are looking for.


    You can book me for some very conqrete and detailed advice. For example:


    *The 2 of us, together we'll work on your CV and upgrade it to a Swiss Style version

    *I will answer all your questions regarding content, design, about length of the CV, and special Swiss requirements

    *I will answer all your questions regarding other application documents, such as reference letters, motivation letters, etc.


    The way I love to work is: quick, specific, uncomplicated.

    Let's meet for a coffee, bring our laptops and then we'll create the most professional and nicest application documents you've ever had!


  • The way I love to work is: quick, specific, uncomplicated.

    No matter what your questions are: Let's chat and have a cup of tea or coffee. We'll bring our ideas, brains and laptops together and with my input we'll create the documents that will bring you the success you really deserve.


    It's urgent? You want me to create your CV ?

    You need a new CV? But don't find time to do it yourself?

    I love writing & designing - and would love to create your new CV from scratch.


    Just email me and let's discuss the details!